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We are a Texas-based racing transponder battery replacement service and repair company.  Mainly we service racing transponders commonly used in karting, auto, bike, MX, snowmobile, concession kart, and other motorsports.

Note: always check with your manufacturer for any direct factory support and/or warranty status.

To start the repair process, please click on the “Contact Us/Repair Form” link above.

See our MC Tested review over at Motorcyclist online – link to the article.

On the “Classic” transponder, we use a CNC repair process as you can see in the video header.  This allows us to make the smallest possible opening to reach the battery, we do not cut the case open on the sides.  We do not use the “YouTube” style repair and have found that many things can cause that type of repair to fail early.

The battery in the repair will be fully surrounded by new epoxy and we allow it to flow out the bottom to prevent any air gaps that could allow for water/fuel/oil to enter the transponder.

Repairs in most cases will take around a week, normally less.  During periods of high volume, we will alert you in advance if more time is needed.

Group discounts and track specials – we service tracks that host large-scale events that you might see on TV, to your local kart track or shop.  We realize that not all clubs have a large budget for repairs, contact us and see how we can help out.

Please visit Kart-O-Rama if you are on the NW side of the US for information on our custom chargers, or Voorhees Race Prep on the NE side of the country.

Our custom chargers are designed around both the “Old style” and “Classic” style transponders, currently, we make them from a single place to a 6-place charger.  They can charge both types of transponder.  The larger chargers are great for teams that don’t want a mess of wires in the shop or trailer.

You can reach the
webstore by clicking on this link.

For more information on racing transponder repairs, please call or text 210-504-8697

We are not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or associated with/by MYLAPS Sports Timing/AMB/Westhold or their affiliates.


Activator Cradle – New Product

We have seen some interesting issues with older style transponders, and since these represent a major investment to many racers we have a few solutions for some problems.

First new item up is an “Activator Cradle” – this is a workaround for transponders that have failed on the internal charging side of things.

The transponder is converted to have a user replaceable battery, you only need to install a fresh battery before the race and use the cradle to turn on the transponder. It will run for ~3-days before turning back off. After your event, it is best to take the battery out, recharge it or store it until the next race. Instead of throwing away the transponder, this solution lets you keep racing with your transponder.

The problem tends to be rare, I might see 4-5 per year that will no longer charge. Instead of taking the risk of trying to remove all that nasty white resin from the inside, this combination of a replaceable battery and cradle is an amazing alternative. As an extra added bonus you never need to send it in for a battery replacement again.