Custom made racing transponder charging cradle


Custom made racing transponder charging cradle 00001

Custom made charger for old style racing transponders.

Red is the default color, other colors are available on demand. If you select a color that we do not have in stock, please expect a 2-days for production. We will notify you if we expect any delays.

Optional - Timer function can be included internally, these are limited stock and generally will take 2-days for production.

Pricing includes one DC 12-volt wall adapter (power supply), and one DC 12-volt car adapter.

Cradles that hold up to six transponders can be made by special order, contact us for more info.

1-yr warranty on adapters or cradle failure. The included wall adapter will include a sticker to help you spot it, should you have a drawer full of old power supplies from different items. 😉

Important: This cradle will not work for any 5-volt/USB style transponder or any transponder that requires a subscription or a computer connection for charging.

We are not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or associated with/by MYLAPS Sports Timing/AMB/Westhold/TAG Heuer or their affiliates. - Check with them to see if your transponder is still under warranty first. All subscription based transponders should be handled directly with the respective manufacturer support groups, we do not offer service or advice on these models.
$34.95 In stock
Color Options
Timer Function "Transponde​r saver" timer built into the charger (20)
Charging Cables
Version 2 Crystal Yellow - slightly transparent Crystal Yellow - slightly transparent Version 3 group of colors Version 3 group of colors