Racing Transponder Battery Replacement - (Service - pay after repairs)


Racing Transponder Battery Replacement - (Service - pay after repairs) 00000
Battery Replacement starting at $55.00
**Please note bundle pricing is optional, use defaults for just the repairs**

If your transponder is not staying charged or does not work for a whole event, it might be time to replace the battery. Older style transponders will blink in two colors (normally red/green), and this helps you determine how many days of charge remains.

We use a high capacity, quality battery (not Chinese), and offer a warranty on the battery replacement or case problems for one year.

Return times are less than 2-weeks in the US (generally less, sometimes it only takes 2-days for the actual repair with another few days of testing and finish work).

Important: With USPS shipping they do not like anything that is transmitting a signal, so you will either need to make sure the battery is discharged, or wrap it in at least one layer of aluminum foil. The foil method works great and the signal is greatly reduced or stopped.

Contact us if you would like to inquire about a club/group discount, the more you send in the better the pricing. We started repairing our club transponders, and we realize when a large amount of transponders need repairs it can break the budget.

Payments are processed using either a credit card (via Stripe) or PayPal.

We are not affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or associated with/by MYLAPS Sports Timing/AMB/Westhold/TAG Heuer or their affiliates. - Check with them to see if your transponder is still under warranty first. All subscription based transponders should be handled directly with the respective manufacturer support groups, we do not offer service or advice on these models.
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