TranX MX / Snowmobile / ATV Classic Racing Transponder AMB


TranX MX / Snowmobile / ATV Classic Racing Transponder AMB 00022

Used - AMB TranX MX or MyLaps MX/ATV/Snowmobile Classic Racing transponder - also called the new style (prior to the Flex and X2 lines). No subscription fees are required.

Includes the following:

* TranX MX racing transponder
* One charger with AC/DC adapters for the home and car/truck.
* One new MyLaps transponder holder with clip

3-yr battery replacement warranty (some conditions apply, please follow care directions provided with transponder - in general charge at a min every 3-months when in sleep mode (or at least once per month if not), do not let it sit for the entire off-season without being charged) Warranty for example does not cover damage to the transponder in the event of it hitting the racing surface, being run over, etc.

In most cases these transponders have not been registered yet with MyLaps, so you will not need to pay the license transfer fee. Additionally, these do not require the annual subscription to work (e.g. Flex and X2 require additional fees).

Any questions please ask, free US shipping is included with the price. Should the battery fail within the 3-yr warranty we will pay for the return shipping to swap it out. 50% off repairs after the warranty expires.

All transponders are being tested and batteries replaced if needed. Please ask about international shipping, the prices range from $10 to $33 depending on the shipping speed.

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TranX MX / Snowmobile / ATV Classic Racing Transponder AMB Car Holder with Clip