Website Updates

Welcome to the new website, I wanted something that was dedicated just for the racing transponder side of the business and not the kids play table side.

This site has a new store that allows for user reviews, a few days after your items arrive you should see an email asking to rate our services.  I will also keep updating the Instagram feed with the repairs going in and out, like this one.

Things are starting to get busy as the racing season in various forms is getting ready to start again.  We normally have many track repairs around this time of year, if things look like it will impact normal repair times there will be a site wide notice.

Check out our ‘Transponder Saver’ device, it is perfect for plugging in your transponder and forgetting about it for the entire off-season (or longer).

For now the contact forms will still pull in from our main website, over the next few weeks it will be duplicated on both sites.  A better repair FAQ will be put in place, along with more options in the store itself.

Thanks for stopping by!  Any questions please let us know, or you can call or text 210-504-8697.