New product: Transponder Saver

For lack of a better name the 'Transponder Saver' is a small add-on device that works with your existing AMB / MyLaps chargers for the old style and 'Classic' style TranX, 160, 260, MX, racing transponders.  (does not support the Flex or X2 models)

What it does:  Helps you cycle the transponder so you can forget about it during the off-season, car rebuilds, long periods of no racing, etc.  Many times we see a transponder that has been on the car in the garage for the entire off-season, and that is enough to kill off the battery in most cases.

Add this device to your current charger, or our custom chargers and let it keep your transponder fresh. Have a race, simply push the reset button at least 24-hours before your event. This will restart the timer and let the transponder get a full charge.

Here are the basic functions -

  • 24-hour "ON" timer, "OFF" for 30-days (*repeats this cycle forever)
  • Supports transponder sleep modes where available (mostly the 'Classic' style transponder, but some old style have it as well - old style charging cradles don't have this function)
  • Transponders will no longer continue to trickle charge the battery, which can lead to reduced life on the battery and the transponder.
  • *Resets on power failure and starts the timing cycle over
  • *Reset button - push it to start the 24-hour charging cycle.  Great for charging your transponder before an event.
  • Support for suitcase style chargers is available on request (due to different plug types)

We will also add these directly into our custom chargers as an option (currently we can make up to a six place charger).

The first version of this add-on will include pigtail leads for plugging into your charger, then simply plug your current wall-wart into the device.





Retail will be $29.95 plus shipping.  Questions or comments please send us a note.

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